Walrus Operator in Python 3.8

One of the biggest highlights of Python 3.8.0 is a new feature for assignment expressions known as the Walrus Operator.

"There is new syntax := that assigns values to variables as part of a larger expression," the Python 3.8.0 release notes state.

"It is affectionately known as 'the walrus operator' due to its resemblance to the eyes and tusks of a walrus."

In this example, the assignment expression helps avoid calling len() twice:

if (n := len(a)) > 10:
    print(f"List is too long ({n} elements, expected <= 10)")

Python interface to MATLAB (pymatlab)

This package lets Python users interface and communicate with MATLAB from Python. Pymatlab makes it easier for users to integrate a project with a large MATLAB codebase into python scripts by using MATLAB scripts as a part of the python program.

Is Einstein Analytics shifting from hybrid C-Python towards Google's Go language ?

According to Salesforce principal architect Guillaume Le Stum, before Salesforce launched Einstein Analytics, the query engine and dataset creation tools that eventually became Einstein Analytics were written in C "for performance" and a Python wrapper that provided functionality like parsing queries, and a REST API server. 
But before launch, Le Stum says the guts of Einstein Analytics started to show performance slowdowns because any new feature that wasn't part of the core query engine got loaded onto the Python wrapper and shifted to the Go application. 
Is the Le Stum claim of "Python doesn't do multi-threading very well, so the more the wrapper was being asked to do, the worse it performed," is acceptable. 

Microsoft: We want you to learn Python programming language for free

Microsoft has launched a new 44-part series called Python for Beginners on YouTube, consisting of three- to four-minute lessons from two self-described geeks at Microsoft who love programming and teaching in YouTube or  Channel9

The Python for Beginners series is presented by Christopher Harrison, a senior program manager at Microsoft, and Susan Ibach, a business development manager from Microsoft's AI Gaming unit

Microsoft has published a page on GitHub containing additional resources, including slides and code samples to help students become better at Python. 

The Developers have a option to interface with machine-learning frameworks like Google-developed TensorFlow, and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)

Python in top place in the newest annual ranking of popular programming languages by IEEE Spectrum

Programming language popularity: Python tightens its grip at the top. Python retains its top spot as the most popular language for electrical and electronics engineers.

Interactive: The Top Programming Languages

DDA Line Drawing Algorithms Line Coordinates

def ROUND(a):
  return int(a + 0.5)
def drawDDA(x1,y1,x2,y2):
  x,y = x1,y1
  length = (x2-x1) if (x2-x1) > (y2-y1) else (y2-y1)
  dx = (x2-x1)/float(length)
  dy = (y2-y1)/float(length)
  print ('x = %s, y = %s' % (((ROUND(x),ROUND(y)))))
  for i in range(length):
    x += dx
    y += dy
    print ('x = %s, y = %s' % (((ROUND(x),ROUND(y)))))

PyRobot - Python for Robotics

PyRobot is a Python package for benchmarking and running experiments in robot learning. The goal of this project is to abstract away the low-level controls for individual robots from the high-level motion generation and learning in an easy-to-use way. Using PyRobot will allow you to run robots without having to deal with the robot specific software along with enabling better comparisons.

Building Standalone Python Applications with PyOxidizer

PyOxidizer is a utility for producing binaries that embed Python. The over-arching goal of PyOxidizer is to make complex packaging and distribution problems simple so application maintainers can focus on building applications instead of toiling with build systems and packaging tools.

PyOxidizer is capable of producing a single file executable - with a copy of Python and all its dependencies statically linked and all resources (like .pyc files) embedded in the executable. You can copy a single executable file to another machine and run a Python application contained within. It just works.