The 10 most popular programming languages, according to the 'Facebook for programmers'

Python ranked 3 in the 10 most popular programming languages, according to the 'Facebook for programmers'

‘Master/Slave’ Terminology Was Removed from Python Programming Language

The terminology has been a point of contention in the tech community for nearly two decades and now it was just removed from one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Python program to renaming the file or directory

# X is the original name and Y is the name to be changed
import os, sys
print ("The dir is: %s"%os.listdir(os.getcwd()))
print ("Successfully renamed.")
print ("the dir is: %s" %os.listdir(os.getcwd()))

Python Libraries for General AI

  • AIMA – Python implementation of algorithms from Russell and Norvig’s ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach’
  • pyDatalog – Logic Programming engine in Python
  • SimpleAI – Python implementation of many of the artificial intelligence algorithms described on the book “Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach”. It focuses on providing an easy to use, well documented and tested library.
  • EasyAI – Simple Python engine for two-players games with AI (Negamax, transposition tables, game solving).

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis in Python

GSEAPY is a python wrapper for GSEA and Enrichr.
GSEAPY has five subcommands: gsea, prerank, ssgsea, replot enrichr.

PyTorch - From Research To Production

An open source deep learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment. PyTorch enables fast, flexible experimentation and efficient production through a hybrid front-end, distributed training, and ecosystem of tools and libraries.


The Rise of Python for Embedded Systems Continues

The IEEE Spectrum’s fifth annual interactive ranking of the top programming languages puts Python in the first spot. Out of 47 programming languages most commonly used today, Python is the most popular one, getting ahead of C, C++, and Java.

And as the renowned Economist claims, in their latest article about Python:

    “Python’s killer features – simple syntax that makes its code easy to learn and share, and its huge array of third-party packages – make it a good general purpose language. Its versatility is shown by its users and uses. The Central Intelligence Agency has employed it for hacking, Pixar for producing films, Google for crawling web pages and Spotify for recommending songs.”



PyMOL is a user-sponsored molecular visualization system on an open-source foundation, maintained and distributed by Schrödinger.

The Molecular Modeling Toolkit

The Molecular Modelling Toolkit (MMTK) is an Open Source program library for molecular simulation applications. In addition to providing ready-to-use implementations of standard algorithms, MMTK serves as a code basis that can be easily extended and modified to deal with standard and non-standard problems in molecular simulations.

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